Acquiring Virtual Property

Your Journey To Owning Virtual Land Has Never Been Easier

Sales of real estate in the Metaverse topped $500 million last year and could double this year, according to investors and analytics firms. 3ora is the first company to make renting virtual property in the Metaverse easy. We take pride in our “buy now, pay later” option to allow investing in the Metaverse within everyone’s reach.

Whether you want to own a personal home in the Metaverse or build community spaces, art spaces, events spaces, coffee shops, retail storefronts, 3ora is prepared to help you achieve your goals.

Low Up Front Investment, Promising Returns

At 3ora, we offer a wide selection of virtual properties, carefully reviewed by our experts. Our virtual property rentals start at just twenty-five dollars per month, so you can pick the right property for your budget and strategy and start renting in the Metaverse right away.

Leave The Technicalities To Us

There’s no need to set up a crypto wallet or become an expert on the Blockchain. We’ll handle the technical side for you, facilitate every step of the transaction, and even make recommendations that can help you maximize your return on investment.

Once you collect your profits, you can start investing in another property, partner with us to rent your property out, or delve into other business opportunities in the Metaverse, like development, advertising, and events.

Invest Now to Build Into The Future

Don’t just participate: Create. Curate engaging and unique virtual reality experiences to meet the demands of a global audience, all hosted on your Metaverse property and sponsored by prominent advertisers. Experiences in the Metaverse can take the form of social events, games, environments, and much more.

Why 3ora?

Our team of experts will help you navigate the Metaverse with confidence and use our understanding of the landscape to leverage meta-advertising opportunities that others might miss.


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