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What is Direct Buying?

Direct buying is purchasing property in the Metaverse outright. When you buy directly with us, your Metaverse property is then yours to rent, develop, or host through. Our direct buying options include some of the fastest-growing metaverses, like Decentraland, the SandBox, Axie Infinity, and Somnium Space.

The Metaverse will revolutionize the marketing industry. Are you ready to start buying, renting, or developing land in the Metaverse?

Making Smart Investments in The Metaverse

Buying, renting, and developing land in the Metaverse provides a plethora of additional revenue streams and marketing channels for forward-thinking entrepreneurs. Partnering with the right team of experts can help facilitate success as you and your company take your first steps into the future.

We offer properties on Decentraland, the SandBox, Axie Infinity, and Somnium Space metaverses, a focused roster of metaverses selected for their growth potential.

Develop an Ongoing Relationship with Metaverse Experts

Once you’ve acquired your Metaverse property and started collecting your profits, you can invest in another property, partner with us to rent your property, or delve into other business opportunities within the Metaverse, including development, advertising, and events.

Grow Your Business and Portfolio With Virtual Land

While the Metaverse presents an obvious opportunity for the exponential growth of your business, diving in alone isn’t necessarily a recipe for success. Fortunately, you’re already an expert in your industry, and we’re experts in ours. At 3ora, we’ll manage your digital portfolio to optimize growth so that you can stay focused on your existing responsibilities.

Why 3ora?

Our team of experts will help you navigate the Metaverse with confidence and use our understanding of the landscape to leverage meta-advertising opportunities that others might miss.



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