Metaverse Events

Generate Revenue In The Metaverse

Online events like fashion shows, concerts, and assorted Metaverse festivals are a great way to generate revenue, promote your business, and establish your presence in the Metaverse.

Musicians and DJs from around the world provide the score for gatherings hosted in breathtaking digital environments and packed with forward-thinking artists and businesspeople. Nowhere else will you find experiences so surreal and diverse as in the Metaverse.

Partner with 3ora to host next-level ticketed events in your rental or purchased virtual properties.

Host Virtual Events With a Global Turnout

Greater accessibility, enhanced audience participation, and improved audience data work together to make Metaverse events more engaging and more productive than in-person events ever could be.

Most Metaverse events are open to the public and accessible via any web browser. Using the Metaverse expands your audience to include anyone on the planet with an internet connection and web-enabled device.

Fun Virtual Events of All Sizes

Virtual events also have no limits on capacity. You don’t have to guess how many people will show up and pick an appropriate venue. Instead, an unlimited number of users can join as they like, sometimes generating massive crowds.

No cap on audience size also means no cap on revenue.

Gather Valuable Data About Your Diverse Audience

Accessibility and interaction conspire to yield a more diverse audience, and events in the Metaverse also give you the opportunity to gather data from that audience. You can keep a record of your event that includes every word and gesture. You can then use this information to generate insights about your audience’s behavior and preferences, which can help you plan future events and marketing campaigns.

Why 3ora?

With 3ora’s turn-key event hosting service, we’ll do the heavy lifting of setting up the event and help make your presence known in the Metaverse. Our team of experts has compiled aggregate listings based on market trends, which can help you keep your marketing and community engagement efforts on-trend.


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